Hydrin® ESD Mats

Guaranteed to dissipate static and protect against electrostatic discharge for five years

The DayStrong Hydrin® ESD Mat is a dual layer rubber product. It has a crosshatched, textured, top dissipative layer, available in blue, green or gray, with a black conductive bottom layer. The Hydrin® mat can be used as a table mat or floor mat.

If the DayStrong Hydrin® Mat fails to maintain resistance to ground of 106 to 108 ohms for 5 years, DayStrong will replace the table or floor mat free of charge (failure must not result from physical or chemical damage to the mat).

The DayStrong Hydrin® ESD Mat is available in roll form, as a cut mat or in special dimensions. 

These mats comply with the European Union REACH and RoHS Directives, as well as Conflict Minerals pursuant to Section 1502 of the 2010 Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

For custom widths, thicknesses and lengths, or other individual requirements,
contact DayStrong customer service at +1.864.284.1085 or email us.

Hydrin® dual-layer construction for durability and versatility

• Inherently and permanently static dissipative, with no added chemicals needed to attain required dissipative levels

• Virtually no VOCs or blooming

• Excellent heat resistance up to 150C°/302F° — handles multiple cycles as a baking tray liner

• Excellent resistance to discoloration from UV light, for longer life with no degradation of electrical properties

• Clean with typical solvents such as isopropyl alcohol — no need to purchase special cleaners

• Excellent tensile strength and elongation — will not curl or delaminate

• Passed ANSI/ESD STM97.2 Walking Test for Flooring, for use as a floor or table mat

The test results are in from Affinity Static Control Consulting

Zeon Chemicals and DayStrong commissioned an independent report on the Hydrin ESD Mat by Affinity Static Control Consulting, a leader in static control solutions.

Affinity found that the DayStrong Hydrin ESD Mat meets static dissipation requirements for a table mat or floor mat.

Hydrin® is a registered trademark of Zeon Chemicals LP (Louisville, KY USA)

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